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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

  • GPS tracking system service is provided across PAN India, equipped with a professionally advanced software tracking platform. This best-in-class tracking software is designed with a wide range of advanced features, enabling end-users and businesses to track their vehicles and gain peace of mind.
  • This product is a compact GPS tracking and security device that provides comprehensive vehicle management and enhances vehicle security. By connecting the GPS tracking device to your vehicle, you can instantly access valuable insights about your vehicle directly from your smartphone.
  • Our mini device features a highly sensitive GPS chip that sends accurate location data to our cloud servers, allowing you to track your vehicle’s live location with up to three months of driving history. Our user-friendly Android & iOS mobile apps, as well as desktop and tablet versions, make it easy to monitor your vehicle’s location and performance.

Features List:

  • Remote Ignition ON/OFF
  • Alerts/Messages Notifications
  • Monitoring Driver Behavior & Analytics
  • Control AC remotely
  • Mobile App
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Geofence and landmarks
  • Technologies: Flutter, C, Arduino IDE, MYSQL database, Text message, Atmel studio
  • Tools: Arduino Nano, GPS module, GSM module, Connecting wires, Customized GPS hardware

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