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IOT Pollution detector

IOT Pollution detector

IOT Pollution detector - Prototype

  • In this project, our objective was to develop an advanced pollution detection system. To achieve this, we integrated multiple features into the system. Initially, we incorporated temperature and humidity sensors that enable us to detect environmental temperature and humidity. The data obtained from these sensors is displayed through the serial port. 
  •  Further, we added the Gas Sensor (MQ135) to detect the gas concentration in the air, measured in parts per million (ppm). Based on the ppm, we categorized the air quality, CO2 level, and alcohol level as defined in the air pollution research paper. All the sensor data collected during the operation is stored in the database. 
  • Finally, we implemented an email notification system. Specifically, if the temperature value surpasses a certain predefined threshold, the ESP8266 board sends an email notification through the Gmail service. This feature ensures timely alerts of any temperature anomalies. Overall, our pollution detection system is capable of monitoring multiple aspects of air quality and providing comprehensive data and alerts for the user’s convenience.

Design a PCB in the same software

  • Platform: Arduino language, python
  • Tools: DHT11 sensor, MQ135 sensor, ESP8266, Arduino Uno, 5V power supply, Connecting wire, Arduino IDE, Gmail, MySQL database, PCB design
  • EasyEDA Software, Copperplate, Headers Design Schematic in EasyEDA software

  • Board: Arduino

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