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IOT Pollution detector

IOT Pollution detector

IOT Pollution detector - Prototype

  • In this groundbreaking project, our aim was to develop an advanced pollution detection system that revolutionizes environmental monitoring. Through meticulous integration of cutting-edge features, we have created a robust solution for real-time air quality assessment.
  • At the core of our system are temperature and humidity sensors, providing accurate readings of environmental conditions. These sensors enable us to monitor temperature and humidity levels, essential for comprehensive pollution detection. The data collected is seamlessly displayed through the serial port, ensuring easy access for analysis.
  • In addition, we have incorporated the Gas Sensor (MQ135), a sophisticated component capable of detecting gas concentrations in the air measured in parts per million (ppm). Leveraging this sensor, we categorize air quality, CO2 levels, and alcohol levels based on established standards outlined in air pollution research papers. All sensor data is meticulously stored in a database for thorough analysis and reference.
  • To enhance user experience and ensure timely intervention, we have implemented an email notification system. Should the temperature surpass predefined thresholds, our ESP8266 board triggers automatic email alerts via Gmail, providing users with immediate notification of any temperature anomalies.
  • Our pollution detection system stands as a testament to innovation and reliability, offering comprehensive monitoring of air quality with detailed data insights and proactive alerts. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology in safeguarding environmental health and well-being.

Design a PCB in the same software

  • Platform: Arduino language, python
  • Tools: DHT11 sensor, MQ135 sensor, ESP8266, Arduino Uno, 5V power supply, Connecting wire, Arduino IDE, Gmail, MySQL database, PCB design
  • EasyEDA Software, Copperplate, Headers Design Schematic in EasyEDA software

  • Board: Arduino

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