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My Pocket

My Pocket

My Pocket Mobile Application


Manage your finances effortlessly with My Pocket, your go-to expense manager. This user-friendly application simplifies expense and income tracking, empowering you to stay on top of your financial goals with ease.

Key features of My Pocket include:

  • Seamless expense and income recording for accurate financial tracking.
  • Categorize expenses by date, month, category, and payment type for comprehensive analysis.
  • Convenient attachment of bills and viewing of attached images.
  • Effortlessly send transaction details via SMS or email.
  • Schedule repeating entries on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis with the calendar view.
  • Visualize your financial data with intuitive graph views.
  • Utilize the interest calculator for both simple and compound interest calculations.
  • Add comments to each entry for enhanced organization.
  • Export data to CSV format for further analysis or sharing.
  • Access insightful reports based on date, quarter, party, account, and budget.
  • Stay informed with top 25 income and expense lists on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Manage multiple accounts and budgets with ease.
  • Support for various currency symbols and warning amount notifications.
  • Transfer funds between accounts seamlessly.
  • Safeguard your data with backup and restore functionalities.
  • Easily view your account balances with the Balance Screen feature.

Take control of your finances effortlessly with My Pocket – your comprehensive expense manager.

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