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Online Boxing

Online Boxing

Online Boxing

The primary objectives of this project are focused on three key areas, which include: 

  • Latency Reduction: Prior to the commencement of the project, the average latency was recorded to be above 300 ms. However, our team has successfully achieved a significant reduction in latency to below 100 ms, which is the total time taken between the local player striking a pad and the remote player receiving the results of that strike. 
  • Improving Hit Detection:- Our team had two main goals for improving hit detection. Firstly, we have enhanced strike detection and eliminated inconsistencies in detecting all thrown strikes, including filtering out double hits. Secondly, we focused specifically on improving hit detection for the center body pad, which previously had difficulty detecting strikes from certain angles. As a result, we have successfully improved the center body pad’s accuracy in detecting both straight-on and side strikes (digs) to 98%. 
  • Classified Device: One of the project requirements was to classify devices based on the number of pads. To achieve this, we developed a command at the hardware level that sends a request to Android for the device type. Subsequently, Android communicates the device type to the board, thereby enabling the client to categorize their hardware effectively. 

Embedded Project (Online Gaming – Firmware in C (Board) + Android)

  • Language: C
  • Tools: Android Studio, Customized Hardware, Arduino,Connecting Wires,UART,PICkit,MPLAB,Serial Port Writer/Reader.

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